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Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to Farley Elementary Kindergarten teacher Nicole Meier and Washburn Rural Middle School math teacher Jennifer Wilcox for being named Kansas Teacher of the Year semi-finalists. They were among only six semi-finalists selected from Kansas Region 2, which covers the second U.S. congressional district.

Farley Elementary Kindergarten teacher Nicole Meier Washburn Rural Middle School math teacher Jennifer Wilcox

District Sees Increase in ACT Scores

ACT results were recently released and the average composite score for students at Washburn Rural High School increased to 23.7. This is up .5 from last year. In addition to an increased composite, the scores in each area also increased as did the total number of students tested. The WRHS 2014 totals are listed below (2013 totals appear in parenthesis):

  • Total tested: 311 (293)
  • Composite: 23.7 (23.2)
  • English: 23.1 (22.8)
  • Mathematics: 23.4 (23.2)
  • Reading: 24.3 (23.5)
  • Science: 23.5 (22.8)

The statewide average composite is 22.0. WRHS also exceeded the state average in each subject area.

The ACT is an indicator of college readiness. The composite readiness benchmarks are set at 18 for English, 22 for Math, 22 for Reading, and 23 for Science. The WRHS average exceeded the benchmarks in all areas.

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